Q Squash is looking for players who would like to become qualified referees. For information on this process or to hold a referee course at your centre, please contact Greg McGuire at  [email protected] or Q Squash at [email protected]

Greg McGuire is the Q Squash State Coordinator for Referees. He is also the President of the Gold Coast Squash Association.


Current Fully Qualified Queensland Coaches

 Greg McGuire  National Referee       Gold Coast 
 Nathan Turnbull  WSF Referee  Brisbane
 Lachlan Johnston       State Referee  Brisbane
 Alec MacDonald  Club Referee  Mackay

If you would like any information on upcoming courses or becoming qualified as a referee please contact Q Squash on [email protected]

The Squash Australia referee training program defines the pre-requisites, competencies, training, activity and assessment requirements for all three levels of Australian Squash Referee. These levels are: 


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