Play Junior Squash in Brisbane and See Where it Can Take You

Brisbane City Squash runs a Saturday morning Junior competition on the Northside of Brisbane.  This competition caters for players under 23 years of age and from beginner to State level juniors.

The seasons for this competition are played during the school terms. Pennant competition draws, teams and ladders can be found on the Squash Matrix.

If you are interested in joining the Junior Competition, please contact your, Local Centre.


Play Junior Squash in Regional Qld

Squash has always been a very popular sport in country areas of Queensland with many of Australia’s top junior players hailing from regional towns. In fact, our current crop of international junior squash stars almost exclusively started their illustrious careers in small towns around Australia.

Queensland is split into 4 regions with Brisbane being the largest region.  If you don't live in or near Brisbane and want to play junior squash in the regions contact your region as below:


Southern Region – For all details click here
Central Region - For all details click here
Northern Region - For all details click here