Message to all Squash Centres - Updated 3:00pm 15 June 2020


Queensland have announced relaxing of restrictions for sports, as per the information currently available to Queensland Squash for QSport - all centres can open as of noon 1 June 2020 if they do not exceed the 20 people limit per venue/building and can prove they are practicing Covid safe activities.

Review the below requirements and the Checklist and draft plans for more information

Requirements for Indoor sport (Including Squash)

- Record-keeping of all persons that enter venues and playing spaces.

- separation whilst in play

- no sharing / rental of equipment

- no use of communal changing rooms or showers

- no spectators unless absolutely required (they are counted in the 20)

- scheduling to eliminate group overlap

- booking systems in place to manage participant numbers.

- display of all physical distancing posters -  

- Implementation of strict hygiene and sanitisation measures in particular:

      - at all entry and exit points

      - communal areas and shared facilities

      - shared participant equipment.

Please ensure you have completed and have onsite while open the “Return to Play Readiness Checklist”

Current Approved Industry Covid-19 Safe Plans – which may answer some of your questions. Click on Indoor Sports Group

Roadmap to easing restrictions map


If you have any questions, please contact the Queensland Squash on [email protected]




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